Vedia Industrial was founded in 1938 by Mr. Robert Steenbock. We have over 80 years of experience in the creation and commercialization of metallic products for industries such as leather, hardware, electrical, manufacture and textile. Our main brands are Diana (for stamped wire and steel products) and Verona (for cast products). We have a workforce of almost 400 people, a facility of over 12000 m² large, and a product catalog that exceeds 4000 items, with examples as diverse as rivets, clamps, eyelets, rings, eyebolts, bands, snap hooks, chains, ornaments, buckles, and many more.


Specialized workshop

We are self-sufficient in regards of tooling and replacement parts creation for our production plant. Our molds and dies receive constant maintenance. We have computer aided erosion and high speed machining centers, as well as reverse engineering technology. Our mechanic workshop staff is highly qualified and in constant training. Our tool providers are the most recognized in the market.

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Processes optimization

Getting to know and understand better our customers’ requirements is essential for us, in order to respond with greater speed and quality. We base our work on the Lean Management principles. We seek a better distribution and use of spaces, and constant improvement of our production processes through the Six Sigma methodology. We have implemented a strict quality control, and we are ISO 9000 certified.

Integral product development

Our staff is competent in all product development stages, from the initial concepts and sketches, graphical representations and simulations, up to three-dimensional models, considering all the technical details needed to initiate mass production.


The strength and perseverance of our compromise is shown through our certifications.

ISO 9001

We are have the ISO 9001 NMX-CC-9001-IMNC-2015.

Environment care

We have the knowledge to dispose of our waste in an environmentally responsible way

Work protection

Adequate protection for employees and visitors inside our facility is a must.


We diversify our products to meet the needs of our customers